maanantai 25. toukokuuta 2020

WicCafé Museoon 6.6.2020

"Taidemaailmassa on viime aikoina havahduttu okkultismin ja esoteerisuuden merkittävään rooliin modernin taiteen historiassa. Villa Gyllenbergin näyttely Salatun tiedon tie valottaa näiden aatesuuntausten merkitystä Suomen taiteessa vuosien 1890–1950 välisenä aikana. Elämykselliseksi rakennettu näyttely johdattelee suurten kysymysten äärelle, varjojen vartioimille poluille sekä toivon ja valon lähteille."

WicCafé lähtee museoretkelle lauantaina 6.6.2020 aamupäivällä klo 10.30, jolloin meille on varattu opastettu kierros (suomeksi) Villa Gyllenbergin Salatun tiedon tie -näyttelyyn. Lisätietoa näyttelystä

Opastettu kierros järjestetään ennen museon aukioloaikaa ja ryhmäkoko on rajoitettu - ETUKÄTEISILMOITTAUTUMINEN siis pakollinen ( / Messenger).

Pääsymaksun lisäksi maksettavaksi tulee opastuskierroksen hinta jaettuna osallistujien kesken (yht 100 e, eli jos 10 osallistujaa 10e/hlö, jos 20 osallistujaa 5e/hlö ). Varauduthan siis maksamaan tämän mielellään MobilePaylla Tatjalle, kun nähdään montako osallistujaa tulee (jos ei MobilePayta, sovi miten hoidetaan). 
Sisäänpääsymaksut jokainen hoitaa itse museolla:
Aikuiset 10 €
Eläkeläinen, opiskelija 8 €
Alle 18-vuotiaat / yli 75-vuotiaat/Museokortilla 0 €

Museon osoite: Kuusisaarenpolku 11, 00340 Helsinki

WicCafé goes to museum!
"The art world is becoming increasingly aware of the important role played by occultism and esotericism in the history of modern art. Villa Gyllenberg’s exhibition The Path to Hidden Knowledge sheds light on the importance of these ideas in Finnish art during the period 1890–1950. The experiential exhibition leads you to the big questions, along the shaded paths to the sources of hope and light."

We have a guided tour (on finnish) on the exhibition at saturday 6.6.2020 at 10.30->. More information of the exhibition:

The Guided tour will be before the museum opens, so pre-registration is mandatory, the group size is limited! (Let us know you are joining us: / messenger).

On top of the entry fees there will be the price of the tour to be split between participants (total 100eur, so if 10 participants 10eur/person, if 20 participants 5 eur/participants). Prepare to pay this with MobilePay at the event, if you dont use MobilePay, speak to Tatja beforehand.
Admission fees everyone will pay themselves to the museum:
Adults 10 €
Reduced admission (pensioners and students) 8 €
Under 18 / Over 75, with the Museum Card 0 €

Address to the museum: Kuusisaarenpolku 11, 00340 Helsinki

tiistai 14. huhtikuuta 2020

Around the Cauldron - A panel discussion about Wicca as a mystery tradition 28.4.2020

Around the Cauldron - A panel discussion about Wicca as a mystery tradition followed by a Q&A.

The panel discussion will feature four coven leaders from around Europe around the topic "Wicca as a mystery tradition". The talk is open to all who are interested to learn about the mystery tradition aspect of wicca. During and after the panel, there will be opportunities to ask questions.

The panel discussion will take place on Zoom, and the link will appear here

The panel discussion will be in English.
After the discussion there will be separate online moots in Finnish and in Swedish to chat about what we learned, links for this will be given out in the end of the panel.

Time: 28.4.2020
18.00  BST, Britain
19.00 CET, Sweden, Germany
20.00 EET, Finland

Introduction of panel members:
I have been a covenleader since 2013, first in the Swedish Initatory Tradition, and from 2014 we have transformed our coven into a gardnerian coven. Today we are a fully practicing gardnerian coven after hard work of training and initiations. Also, I live in Sweden.

I am a Gardnerian high priest from Germany. Since founding my own coven in 2018, I have experienced Wicca more and more as an organic path that - while rooted in a mystery tradition far older than its current incarnation - is constantly shifting and evolving.

I am a Gardnerian initiate and a High Priestess with a coven in Norfolk, England. I welcome the opportunity to discuss the craft with like-minded people.

I am an Ireland based Gardnerian & Alexandrian initiate and coven leader, who enjoys exploring Craft history as well as discussing where the future will lead us.

Host Tatja
I'm gardnerian from Finland, running a coven and open moot in Helsinki area. In our last moot, we had discussion what topics we hope for future online meet ups during the pandemic and this topic came up. When wondering who would be a good guest speaker, we ended up with the idea of panel discussion. Now we also welcome others to join, because why not join forces when it's easy and possible over the web.
I will be hosting the panel and trying to herd these witches to stay somewhere around the topic. After the panel discussion I will also facilitate the finnish "afterparty"chat.